Special Projects

Research into Victoria Police members’ attitudes and behaviours towards law enforcement data security

The Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security (now Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection -- CPDP) has undertaken two waves of longitudinal quantitative research of Victoria Police members’ attitudes and behaviours towards law enforcement data security. The first wave was conducted in 2012 and a subsequent wave in 2014.
The 2012 report can be read here

The 2014 report can be read here
Following the second quantitative wave, the Commissioner decided in early 2015 to conduct more in depth qualitative research via focus groups to gain a better understanding of some survey results and inform the conduct of the final wave, scheduled for 2016. This report is a snap-shot of the findings of that qualitative research.  
This longitudinal research allows CPDP to track changes in Victoria Police information security culture. It also helps highlight the effectiveness of a range of initiatives being undertaken by Victoria Police with regards to training, marketing, policy development and its program of awareness building and cultural change.
A key message from the 2012 and 2014 reports is that behaviours still remain, by and large, guided by common sense rather than policy – and in this finding the unintentional risk to data security remains apparent.
However the overall awareness, and positive perception, of data security practices has increased.  Best practice data security is not only driven by policy and procedure; it is fundamentally supported by a strong security culture – and building a strong security culture will help promote organisational resilience in managing risks to data security.
For all organisations, including Victoria Police, cultural change will remain and ongoing and constant process.
The 2015 report can be read here