Data Protection Roadshow

Following the success of the inaugural Victorian Information Security Network (VISN) forums held in Melbourne late last year, the Data Protection team is pleased to announce our 2017 regional and metropolitan roadshow for VPS and partnering organisations such as local councils and funded agencies.

Our initial forums included a high level briefing on the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF), providing an overview of what the framework and standards mean for both individuals and their organisation.

The Data Protection Team also presented a five step action plan, setting out a process for organisations to consider when implementing the VPDSF.

Throughout the forums the audience was encouraged to ask questions and participate in polls, as well as provide input into the development of the new network.

Overwhelmingly, stakeholders advocated for broader engagement across Victoria and inclusion of partner groups such as local councils and funded agencies in this network. These partner organisations offer support services to, or on behalf of, Victorian Government.

To support the network the Data Protection team has established a 2017 engagement calendar, with the first round of roadshows commencing in March.

Staff from Victorian public sector organisations and partnering entities are encouraged to attend these free events to gain a better understanding of what the VPDSF means for you and practical measures to secure your information.

N.B. Private Industry partners will be offered different sessions across the course of the year. Stay tuned for these ‘industry’ event details.


Round one roadshow image

Round 1 – March, 2017

Status - Closed.


Round 2 - September, 2017

Proposed Topic: Identify & Value (Information Asset Registers & Business Impact Levels)


Round 3 - December, 2017

Proposed Topic: Understanding your information risks (Developing your Security Risk Profile Assessment - SRPA)


Round 4 – Early, 2018

Proposed Topic: Applying security measures (Developing your Protective Data Security Plan - PDSP)


N.B. Regional locations for VISN roadshow events may be adjusted across each round.


Past Events

Victorian Information Security Network (VISN) Forum

The Data Protection Branch is pleased to present the Victorian Information Security Network (VISN).

The VISN will act as an important engagement and collaboration tool, designed to promote good protective data security practices via the uptake of the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF).

VISN General logo

In December 2016, the Data Protection team hosted inaugural VPS and PARTNER forums providing an overview of what the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework and Standards mean for both individuals and their organisation.

To access summaries of these events and obtain copies of presentations click here.

Make sure you watch this space for upcoming events and sessions across 2017!