VISN Summary & Slides

December 2016 Victorian Information Security Network (VISN) forums

The Data Protection Branch hosted two inaugural forums for the Victorian Information Security Network (VISN) in December, 2016.

Attendees to these forums were provided a high level briefing on the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF), including an overview of what the framework and standards mean for both individuals and their organisation. The Data Protection Team also presented a five step action plan, which you can find in the presentation slides.

Throughout both of the forums the audience was encouraged to ask questions and participate in polls. A new tool was trialled during these sessions, providing attendees an opportunity to digitally engage and ask questions.

A high level summary of responses from audience members who used this tool (Sli.Do) are provided in the VPS and PARTNERS infographics. As not all members of the audience used Sli.Do the Data Protection team also captured responses manually.

In the coming weeks this page will be updated with a list of specific questions and detailed responses raised during the session. This will provide an insight into the sort of questions and feedback that stakeholders are keen to address.

We are looking forward to collating the feedback received from these sessions and working with you all to offer additional forums in 2017. Stay tuned for updates!

VPS forum

Date: Wednesday, 14th of December, 2016

Attendees: 120 VPS attendees

Download your own copy of the VPS VISN Slides can be accessed here.

VPS Forum Slides Icon

Summary infographic from this session can be accessed here.

Copy of VPS VISN brochure can be accessed here.


Date: Thursday, 15th of December, 2016

Attendees: 105 attendees (this included representatives from Private Industry, research and educational bodies, local councils and funded agencies)

Download your own copy of the VISN PARTNERS Slides can be accessed here.

PARTNERS slides icon

Summary infographic from this session can be accessed here.

Copy of VISN PARTNERS brochure can be accessed here.

Copy of the VISN PARTNERS Questions and Answers can be accessed here.