What is Law Enforcement Data Security?

Part 5 of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, empowers the Commissioner to develop standards for the security and integrity of law enforcement data systems and crime statistics data systems.

The relevant provisions of the Act apply to Victoria Police and the Crime Statistics Agency.

These provisions effectively give the Commissioner the powers and functions of the earlier Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security, extending them from jurisdiction solely over Victoria Police to include the Crime Statistics Agency.

The Commissioner’s primary role with regard to law enforcement data is to promote the use by Victoria Police and the Crime Statistics Agency of appropriate and secure data management practices.

The Commissioner’s key functions with regard to law enforcement data are:

  • to establish standards and protocols for the security and integrity of law enforcement data systems, and to
  • to monitor compliance with those standards and protocols and conduct reviews of law enforcement data issues in general
What is Law Enforcement Data?

Law enforcement data means any information obtained, received or held by Victoria Police –

  • for the purpose of one or more of its, or any other law enforcement agency’s law enforcement functions
  • for the enforcement of laws relating to the confiscation of the proceeds of crime in connection with the conduct of proceedings commenced, or about to be commenced, in any court or tribunal
  • for the purpose of its community policing functions.
What is Crime Statistics Data?

Crime statistics data means –

  • any law enforcement data obtained by the Chief Statistician from the Chief Commissioner of Police under the provisions of the Crime Statistics Act 2014
  • any information derived from such data by the Crime Statistics Agency
  • Law enforcement data includes text, images, audio and video held electronically or in hard copy or any other storage format, including, but not limited to data relating to individuals and aggregated data.