Privacy for young people

You can make choices about where your personal information goes 

This page is here to help equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about protecting your privacy.

Privacy is about more than just keeping things secret - it's about being able to control your personal information. Privacy gives us the chance to decide what we want to share, and what we'd rather not. For instance, maybe you're comfortable with some information being shared with your friends and family, but not with anyone else. Check out these FAQs from our Youth Advisory Group for more information, and download our digital privacy postcard here.


Key tips for protecting your privacy

INFORM yourself about your privacy and how to protect it

TALK with your friends and family about what privacy means to you

CHECK your online privacy settings and app permissions on your phone

ASK questions about your personal information

CALL for help if you need it - contact OVIC

THINK about what you share, and who you're sharing it with

UNDERSTAND the choices you are making about your personal information - once it's out there it can be hard to control

REMEMBER your information is valuable

SHARE what you know about privacy so your friends can protect themselves too!