Data Security Resources

The following protective data security resources are available for download.

Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF)


Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (Text version)

VPDSS Posters: Visual representation of the standards

VPDSS Posters: Visual representation of the standards – How to Read


VPDSS Control Reference Links


VPDSF: Assurance Model (Text version)

 VPDSF Assurance Model: Visual representation of the assurance model


VPDSF Assurance Collection

Chapter 1 - Appendix A - Example Security Risk Profile Assessment Template

Chapter 1- Appendix B - Summary of SRPA Actions

Chapter 2 - Appendix A - VPDSS Self-assessment Template

Chapter 2 - Appendix B - Summary of VPDSS Self-assessment Actions

VPDSS Self Assessment Template

Chapter 3 - Appendix A - Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) Template

Chapter 3 - Appendix B - Summary of PDSP Actions

VPDSF Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) Template

VPDSS Elements


VPDSF Information Security Management Collection

This collection replaces the VPDSF Information Security Guide.  The new collection contains an additional chapter (Chapter 1 - Managing Information Assets) as well as containing existing content.

Chapter 1 – Appendix A – Sample questions and example information assets

Chapter 1 – Appendix B – Sample Information Asset Register (IAR) template

Sample Information Asset Register (IAR) Template

Chapter 1 – Appendix C – Information Asset considerations

Chapter 1 – Appendix D – Suggested Information Management roles and responsibilities

Chapter 2 – Appendix A – Stages of the information value assessment process

Chapter 2 – Appendix B – VPDSF Business Impact Level (BIL) Table

Chapter 2 – Appendix C – BIL Mobile App

Chapter 3 – Appendix A – Relationship between protective markings

Chapter 3 – Appendix B – Common protective markings employed by each State and Territory

Chapter 3 – Appendix C – Ready reckoner: How to select an appropriate protective marking


VPDSF Glossary: Glossary of Terms used in the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework 


VPDSF 5 Step Action Plan


VPDSF Applicability Visual


VPDSF Security Management Framework (SMF) template (xlsx)


Rosetta Stone – Core and Supplementary (V2.0)

A mapping of the VPDSS against existing security standards adopted by Victorian public sector organisations


Data Protection and You Video: By way of introduction to our office, and in particular to Part Four of the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2014, we have created a video to assist the VPS in understanding their protective data security obligations within Victorian Government.


Status of WoVG documentation published by Enterprise Solutions Branch post release of the VPDSS: A list of documentation related to information security, information management and identity and access management published by Enterprise Solutions Branch and their status post the release of the VPDSS for in scope agencies information.

Embedding security into your organisation  



CPDP Examples 

CPDP internal Security Management Framework (public version) 


CPDP internal Information Security Policy (public version)