CPDP Mobile App

This mobile app is designed to act as a digital reference library for material published by the Victorian Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP).

This includes publications and guidance on:
* Privacy
* Protective Data Security
* Law Enforcement

Users of this mobile app will be able to access real time updates to any new or existing material as it is published to the app.

Any content published in the CPDP mobile app will also available on the CPDP website (www.cpdp.vic.gov.au).


For iPad users

   Download on the App Store Badge  To download this app to your iPad, visit the App Store.


For Android tablet users

Get it on Google Play Our app is now available on Google Play.



What devices will the CPDP mobile app work on?
  • Currently the CPDP mobile app is only available for use on tablet devices

Users of android smartphones will be able to download the app, however the content within the app does not scale correctly

Mobile app functionality is also being considered for smartphone devices

Where can I download the app from?
  • The CPDP App is currently available for download from the:

iPad iTunes store - Click here for access to iTunes Store

Google Play store - Click here for access to Google Play Store

What search term should I use when looking to download the app?

Users should search for ‘CPDP' in both the iTunes and Google Play stores

How do I get notified of updated content when it is published in the mobile app?
  • Users are encouraged to subscribe to notifications to be notified of real time updates to the information within the app

To enable this functionality, users should 'allow notifications' in the settings section of their tablet device