Data Privacy Day 2017

Held around the world on 28th January each year, Data Privacy Day is intended to promote greater awareness about digital and online privacy, and the impact technology has on our personal information.

The Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data protection has produced a new guideline to help organisations understand what it means to have reasonable security to protect personal information. The Guidelines to protecting the security of personal information: ‘Reasonable Steps’ under Information Privacy Principle 4.1 take a risk-based approach and recognise that an organisation’s security measures must include not only ICT and physical measures, but also personnel and governance considerations. You can access a copy of the guidelines here.

In honour of Data Privacy Day 2016, Commissioner Watts has recorded a video that introduces the guidelines.



Privacy Authorities Australia - Data Privacy Day 2016


On 28 January 2016 the Victorian Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection hosted a meeting of the Privacy Authorities Australia (PAA), which brought together representatives from the Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy authorities. The PAA meeting was fittingly held on the 10th annual Data Privacy Day, a day dedicated globally to raising awareness of the importance of privacy and data protection.

  • The meeting covered some of the most important contemporary privacy issues including:
    • Information sharing
    • The role of privacy in addressing efforts to combat family violence
    • The growing threat to privacy posed by security breaches
    • Biometrics

Members also discussed planning for the upcoming Privacy and Data Protection Week. This event is organised every year to promote and raise awareness for privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information. Different activities and initiatives will be held across Australia during May 2016.

The afternoon session hosted two special guests – Professor Moira Paterson from the Faculty of Law, Monash University, and Professor Joseph Cannataci, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, who addressed members via a pre-recorded video. Both guests provided compelling insights into emerging privacy issues – faced in Australia and globally – and paved the way for further ongoing dialogue between members. Professor Cannataci will be visiting Australia in May 2016 and will speak to a range of public policy and opinion leaders.

This PAA meeting highlighted the importance of an ongoing commitment to collaboration between Australia’s privacy authorities and the desirability for a national privacy strategy. The PAA members look forward to an exciting and challenging 2016 in the privacy and data protection sphere with key priorities being big data and data security.

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