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Privacy Impact Assessment introduction and template (docx)

Privacy Impact Assessment template (doc)

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) template is a living document and is regularly updated to make it more user-friendly. Please ensure that you download the most recent version before undertaking a PIA.

Checklist for Sharing Personal Information (pdf)


Information Sharing Tool

This information sharing tool has been developed to assist Victorian public sector organisations to make decisions about whether or not it is appropriate to share personal information in a given context. The tool accompanies the Guidelines for sharing personal information [Information Sharing Guidelines], which provides a methodology for the steps that need to be taken before and after deciding whether or not to share.

To get the most out of this tool, users should have read the guidelines and conducted a privacy impact assessment (PIA) for the project or program for which information is to be shared. A PIA will assist organisations to determine whether or not they have the legal authority to share, and assesses their adherence to the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) contained in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (PDPA). Please consult the PDPA if you require additional information on the IPPs.

Users should note that where no personal information has been identified, an organisation may still have obligations under Part 4 (Protective Data Security) and Part 5 (Law Enforcement Data Security) of the PDPA in relation to information sharing. Please consider the range of other legislative and regulatory requirements that your organisation may be subject to before proceeding with an information sharing initiative.

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Information Sharing Tool - May 2016